Why Equity Research?

The role of research is to provide analyzed information on companies, sectors & markets to the investors. A mature and efficient market is driven by information, as lack of information creates inefficiencies that result in stocks being misrepresented (over valued or under valued).

Analysts use their expertise analyzing a stock, its industry and peer group to provide earnings and valuation estimates. Research is valuable because it fills information gaps eliminating the need for every individual to get into stock analysis.

Our Investment Research will produce results

The goal of VIJETA Broking India Pvt Ltd is to provide investors with information and investment ideas on a consistent and unbiased basis. Because we understand the importance of relationships in the investment process, we regularly visit companies, talk to management and bring management to investors.

VIJETA research team is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources that enables them to obtain and deliver value-added information on a timely basis. VIJETA research team provides up-to-date industry and company-specific reports to all its investors on a regular basis.

Why VIJETA Equity Research?

VIJETA research analysis provides timely and in-depth fundamental equity research focusing on companies that are participating in important trends in our economy. VIJETA Research Analysts seek unique and innovative growth companies that provide a favourable balance between risk and reward.Equity investment professionals & investors routinely use our research and models as integral tools in their work. They choose VIJETA Equity Research when they are:

  • Concerned about the integrity of fundamental data used in investment process,
  • Worried about poor portfolio performance,
  • Frustrated with the time it takes to make buy/sell decisions,
  • Want to use customized research that can produce exceptional results.

Complete Transparency

VIJETA Equity Research strongly believes that supportable, successful decisions are based on transparent investment valuation methods. Our model development and historical performance records are always open to examination. Our research models and research reports are open for frank and transparent discussion.

Sound investment decisions backed by reliable fundamental data and stock selection techniques are the hallmark of VIJETA Equity Research.

Vijeta Broking Pvt. Ltd.

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